The Queen’s House Korean Drama Review

Schedule opening: Monday and Tuesday

Broadcaster: Channel A

Kind: Melo, secret

Scene count: 16

Channel A’s next show is here, and it is apparently observing the vein of their guideline thing and will we say, stunning programming. Regardless, who can protest with this cast?

Tune Yoon-ah and Jeon So-min begin to stand out here, close by Lee Sung-jae and 2PM’s Chansung. The theoretical sounds a ton like JTBC’S Reflection of You, with several progressions to the story by and large, but perhaps they’ll feel extremely interesting?

Tune Yoon-ah and Chansung play chaebol family who grow up to be lovely people. Tune Yoon-ah has a committed companion, great home, and splendid youths, all of whom she reveres

Clearly, uproar lies coming up. Jeon So-min falls head over heels for Song Yoon-ah’s soul mate and starts an endeavor with him. The puzzling moves going all around stowed away, but not for long. Sign the melo-fest.


Jeon So-min sells out Song Yoon-ah in new advancements for Show Window: Queen’s House

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